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Who I am and what I do

Hello there!

My name is Jeremie Tisseau (Yep! That’s me on the left.) A multilingual (English, French, Spanish) User Interface and User Experience designer, I design clean, appealing, and functional interfaces.

Web design is so much more than design!

Branding, color schemes and demographics are all on your average graphic web designer’s to do list. Functional design however, demands consideration of SEO, calls to action, site navigation, e-commerce, functionality, user experience, and the business goals of my clients. My passion lies in getting to the bottom of your website and application requirements, using my creative and technical skills combined to get the best result for my clients.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, I enjoy the challenges of working in a multilingual, multinational city and filling the functional design gaps in my clients’ teams.

I very much look forward to discussing your creative service requirements. Contact Me



With 6+ years in this business, I have came to learn different skills:

  • User Interface Design
  • Mobile App Interface Design for iOS and Android
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Hand coding HTML/CSS
  • jQuery, Mootools
  • Front end development, usability, image optimization
  • Content Management System (CMS) design (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento Commerce…)
  • Web design constraints
  • A/B testing
  • Site maps, wireframes, storyboards…

However, nowadays I am trying to focus almost exclusively on designing user interfaces and user experience for web and mobile applications (iOS and Android). This allows me to focus on what I enjoy the most and deliver top notch quality designs to my clients. “Do a thousand things and you will not do one good. Do one thing only and you will excel“.

Software & Programming skills

  • EXPERT KNOWLEDGE: Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Illustrator, Acrobat, FTP, SFTP, SVN, Trac, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla, jQuery, Mootools…
  • WORKING KNOWLEDGE: JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, command shell…

My Startups

In 2010 and end of 2011, I have joined two web and mobile Startups on my spare time where I can offer my services as a UI/UX designer. Respectively:

  • CardfedSend your digital photos as  high quality Travel Postcards.

  •  Got It! Loyalty Cards app for iPhone and Android, which won first runner up at Startup Weekend bangkok in December 2011.


During my spare time I run various web and mobile events in Bangkok: Mobile Monday, BKK Web Design, UX Design & Web Development Meetup, Graphic Designers & Creatives Meetup

  • Mobile Monday Bangkok (MoMo) is an open community platform of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influential individuals fostering brand neutral cooperation and cross-border P2P business opportunities through live networking events to demo products, share ideas and discuss trends from both local and global markets. Our speakers are from some of the most prestigious mobile companies in Thailand and the world: Nokia, RIM, AFP, Samsung, Tarad.com…
  • The BKK Web Design, UX Design & Web Development Meetup is geared towards web professionals who wants to connect with their peers, hire someone or simply learn something new. Each month, I get someone to talk about his area of expertise. We cover almost every side of the web design industry: SEO, marketing, advertising, coding, management, design, mobile… Founded in June 2010, this community has been growing steadily and now counts about 200 members as of November 2011. Each meetup is organized as followed: 1 hour presentation and a 15-30 minutes Q&A in an office with internet connection and projector. Then, we move to a bar or restaurant to do some networking and enjoy the evening after a long day of work.


  1. Shavar says:

    27 Jul, 2008

    I really like your work and went to your wife’s page and recognized her talent as well. I enjoyed looking at photos of the birthday party. Best wishes with your move and keep up the great work.

  2. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    2 Aug, 2008

    I wish my English was perfect. Thanks anyway for the nice comments. :)

    • Shak says:

      18 Jan, 2011

      Hi Jeremie,

      First of all thanks for the very useful tools and tutorials that you have provided.

      I am using your motools fx slide login tool and have a questions about it.

      Is there a way to put fx.slide.css in a folder other than the root directory. I am just looking to clean up my code a little bit and am having trouble doing this.

      I would appreciate any help towards this.

      Thanks in advance,

      Best regards,


      • Shak says:

        19 Jan, 2011

        I’m very sorry, My problem is solved!
        I just needed to change the images paths!

        Thanks anyways!

    • Michele says:

      18 Oct, 2011

      Hi Jeeremie,
      sorry for my english (I come from Italy) :). Congratulation for this module. But I don’t understand if this module is for joomla or for wordpress. I trying to install it in joomla but an error accurred.

  3. Jason says:

    2 Aug, 2008

    Dude how awesome! I have some friends that are headed to the Canary Islands to be missionaries. They just learned spanish and we know another guy that lives on the island.

    LOVE Thai food and hope to get to visit there. I also have some friends in Thailand too. My parents are missionaries so I get to meet a lot of people, http://www.fbwwm.org.

    By the way, I thought you were American, your english is perfect. Sounds like an adventures life! Thanks for sharing, you do great work, I’m so glad I found your site.

  4. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    9 Aug, 2008

    Gracias Isabel. Quiero tener suerte en tailandia pero no sera facíl al principío.

    Tu también tienes talento. Mire tu pagína “trabajos” y estoy impresionado. No se utilizar Illustrator tanto como Fireworks o Photoshop aúnque me gustaria.

    Hasta luego!

  5. Isabel says:

    9 Aug, 2008

    Realmente muy talentoso. Es un placer recorrer tu sitio, y ni bien pueda voy a recomendarlo en el mio.
    Espero algún día tener el 10% del talento que tienes, con eso sería feliz! jaja.

    Te deseo lo mejor desde Argentina, ahora, y con tus proyectos para el próximo año.

  6. Lorenzo says:

    19 Aug, 2008

    Juaz, apenas acabo de leer que hablas español >_<, dejé un comentario en inglés en uno de los diseños que has hecho -Night Transition- espero me puedas ayudar ^^

    Y sobre tu mudanza a Tailandia, espero que te vaya muy bien, un saludo.

  7. Luis says:

    28 Aug, 2008

    Hola, he estado mirando con detalle tu web y te felicito porque me parece buena: sencilla y elegante.

    Saludos de Luis (amigo de Carlos).

  8. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    9 Sep, 2008

    Non, pas très souvent. Une fois par an seulement

  9. Grégoire says:

    9 Sep, 2008

    Salut Jérémie,
    D’abord merci pour la qualité et la finesse de ton travail. Je suis graphiste et éditeur et me consacre entièrement aux CSS en ce moment. Je crois avoir trouvé un maître -).
    Meilleurs voeux à toi et à ton épouse pour la Thaïlande. J’ai apris le thai et ai vécu là-bas. J’adore ce pays. Par contre, comme mon épouse est taïwanaise, nous nous dirigeons plus vers la Chine ou Taïwan désormais. Si je repars en Thaïlande pour un séjour, je te fais signe.
    Sinon, j’ai 38 ans et vis à Paris.
    Bien à toi,

  10. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    9 Sep, 2008

    Merci Grégoire.

    Où est-ce que tu as vécu en Thaïlande? T’étais resté combien de temps là-bas?

  11. Grégoire says:

    9 Sep, 2008

    Je suis resté 7 mois et principalement à Bangkok. J’ai beaucoup dessiné et j’ai enseigné le français à Chandrakasem, l’université à côté de Chatuchak (le grand marché du nord de Bangkok). Sinon, j’adore la région d’Isan, dans le nord, au bord du Mékong.
    Tu rentres en France de temps en temps ?

  12. Grégoire says:

    9 Sep, 2008

    On se croisera peut être en Thailande. Tu vivras dans quel coin ?

  13. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    9 Sep, 2008

    Toute la famille de ma femme vit à Bangkok donc nous installerons là-bas dans un premier temps. Nous verrons après.

  14. ekkalak says:

    15 Oct, 2008

    Bonjours,vous aimez bien la Thailande, c’est une bonne nouvelle ça.
    moi aussi j’aime bien la France, actuellement je fais mes études en multimédia à montbeliard, je suis en France depuis 2004, j’apprends pas mal de choses. J’adore surtout la technologie ici ainsi que la culture française.

    à bientôt..

  15. moneymanager says:

    23 Oct, 2008

    hi friend
    nice blog you got here
    well i dont knoow spanish
    just two lines
    hola amiga,coma esta
    was it correct? lol

  16. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    23 Oct, 2008

    Almost correct! :) You should say “Hola amigo ¿como estas?”

  17. matt says:

    16 Dec, 2008

    I noticed your uri has index.php/ in it.

    What php framework are you using? I’ve noticed that codeigniter does this out of the box, but I don’t know if any of the others (cakePHP, etc.) do this as well.

    anyway, cool site, good work, and please let us know how the move to thailand goes! i’ve always been interested in the place!

  18. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    16 Dec, 2008

    No, no PHP frameworks. It is WordPress.

    I will be in Thailand the 14th of January. Right now, I am packing my bags and trying to pay all the bills before I leave. I sold most of my stuffs to my friends, painted the walls, organised a few goodbye parties (still a few more coming soon)… I am wishing to be in Thailand already :(

  19. Krish says:

    26 Dec, 2008

    which technology did u used in jirattaya.com for changing the arts???
    It’s a cool site, good work, and please let me know the idea you used there.
    anyway, have a nice days in thailand!.I’ve always been interested in the place!

  20. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    26 Dec, 2008

    I am using the plugin NextGEN FlashViewer which integrate SimpleViewer.

  21. Ann says:

    20 Feb, 2009

    Hi Jeremie,
    I am using one of your wordpress templates that uses mootools.  For some reason the logout does not work.  Is there something that needs to be modified in the .js file.  I have release 1.11

  22. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    21 Feb, 2009

    Are you trying to install NightTransition in WordPress 2.7? PHP tags changed in WordPress 2.7 and the login slider is not working anymore.  Please read comments here.

    This is something I will have to update but… well, so many things to do and WordPress team releases a new version every 6 months! That makes it very difficult to keep my themes up to date. If anyone wants to contribute to my themes, you will be most welcome to join me! :-)

  23. Witold Sokołowski says:

    30 Mar, 2009

    I like your wesite. It’s nice and friendly :)

  24. Pedro says:

    2 Apr, 2009

    Hola amigo, me ha servido mucho todo lo que has publidcado en tu website, de verdad es un ejemplo muy bueno de lo que hay que hacer en la web.
    Por otro lado me gustaría ofrecerte mis servicios de diseño, para futuros proyectos que tengas me encantaría porder colaborar contigo.

  25. Albi says:

    4 Jun, 2009

    Et ben dis donc, je vous admire, vous parlez le français, l’anglais, l’espagnol et vous aprennez le Thai.
    Moi cela fait presque 30 ans que je vis en Allemagne, je parle toujours pas bien l’allemand, j’ai perdu mon français et ainsi que l’espagnol.
    Bon au bout de 3 semaines en France cela revient mais tout doucement.

  26. Jannah Raffali says:

    18 Oct, 2009

    Ola! I love your OneRoom 1.0 WordPress Theme. So far having such an easy time tweaking the colors and what not using WP Theme Editor. I’ve tried other themes and yours so far is the most compatible with the Editor.

    Keep up the good work!

  27. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    19 Oct, 2009

    Thanks Jannah. Nice to see OneRoom with a touch of red color.

  28. Ryan says:

    21 Oct, 2009

    Rob, I don’t think Jeremie had anything to do with the page you mentioned.

    On the “Freebies” page are a series of free templates to download. I have recently found out that a few scammers have decided to use those templates to make their advertising pages look like legitimate blogs. These scammers are pushing the same Acai crap you mentioned, using the same fake testimonials you described. Not one of them actually credit this site for the template, but you can see links to this site embedded in the source code.

    It’s a shame Jeremie’s work is being used this way…I’m certain those are not the kind of people he’d want to associate with.

  29. Guilhem Soulas says:

    9 Feb, 2010

    Hi Jeremie !
    I’ve just discovered your activity it looks very clean.

  30. r4ibOm says:

    13 Feb, 2010

    The plugin is not working with the plugin “Dynamic Content Gallery” in IE8. The plug-in “Dynamic Content Gallery” Motools use in your code, I think it must have something to do. Now works perfectly in Firefox

  31. Scott says:

    31 Mar, 2010

    Hi Jeremy.

    I am using your “One Room” WordPress Theme for one of my blogs, and I love it. Besides looking fantastic, it is well designed too.

    Thanks so much for making it available.

  32. Vivix says:

    31 Mar, 2010

    Hi, I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please

  33. yalova veteriner says:

    1 May, 2010

    “Hola amigo ¿como estas?”

  34. Neale says:

    7 Jun, 2010

    Arriving in Bangkok Wednesday looking forward to meeting you at the http://www.meetup.com/GraphicDesignersInBangkok/ I spent 9 years in France alors on peut parler en francais aussi.. nice clean site looks like you do some high end sites good stuff.

    • Jeeremie says:

      7 Jun, 2010

      Thanks Neale. I saw your profile on Meetup. Looking forward to meeting you.

  35. Orange Chiropractor says:

    22 Jun, 2010

    Jeremie, your work is quite nice. Your designs are clean and fresh. Thanks!

  36. Cullen says:

    28 Jun, 2010

    Salut Jérémie,D’abord merci pour la qualité et la finesse de ton travail. Je suis graphiste et éditeur et me consacre entièrement aux CSS en ce moment. Je crois avoir trouvé un maître -).Meilleurs voeux à toi et à ton épouse pour la Thaïlande. J’ai apris le thai et ai vécu là-bas. J’adore ce pays. Par contre, comme mon épouse est taïwanaise, nous nous dirigeons plus vers la Chine ou Taïwan désormais. Si je repars en Thaïlande pour un séjour, je te fais signe.Sinon, j’ai 38 ans et vis à Paris.Bien à toi,Grégoire

    • Jeeremie says:

      19 Jul, 2010

      Merci. N’hésites pas à me faire signe si tu repasses par ici et bonne chance si tu te décides à retourner en Asie.

  37. eshanne says:

    4 Jul, 2010

    Hi there jeremy how’re you? I’ve tried to connect your blog a few times last month but can’t get through..

    now i know why.. You’re in Thailand arh.. Why don’t you visit malaysia too.. KL .. maybe we could meet up and share something :) ..

    Anyway god bless the journey.. :D

    • Jeeremie says:

      19 Jul, 2010

      Who knows. Malaysia is really close. I might come around some day. :)

  38. satheesh says:

    7 Jul, 2010

    hi, All your works are really good. keep going… cheers… Sat:):D

  39. Alex a.k.a Webmaster Shadic_TH says:

    17 Jul, 2010

    Hey,nice works.Well I am a advanced PHP Programmer,but I’ve never ever seen such web design items.They are so professional.Good job.Thumbs UP!!! ^_^

  40. Oblivius says:

    5 Sep, 2010

    Well, you’r very talented, far more talented from what I can do myself with PHP and all of the basic coding languages, though I have a question myself, where did you start? I myself have been coding for over 2 years now, and I just got into PHP(still kinda lost in its mist).

  41. matclem says:

    6 Nov, 2010

    Hi your work is one of my inspirations. hope you can help many newbee developers in the net.

  42. Anne says:

    27 Jan, 2011

    I really like your work !! keep it up


  43. DazMan says:

    7 May, 2011

    you do some awesome work i must say
    i have an issue with one of the jquery things you made. it worked fine till i integrated.
    if you could quickly visit the link under the “website” bit which is required to post and whip me a real quick email as to why its doing what it is i would greatly appreciate it :D
    sry to comment here – wasnt sure where else to do it
    sry again and hope you can help :d – it is im sure a real simple issue aswell lol

  44. Dwayne says:

    2 Aug, 2011

    Honestly, you have a very clean, simple but very nice and valuable website… Very informative, I do like your website…

  45. Morgan says:

    5 Aug, 2011

    hi there. i’m using your panel slider for a gallery website and was wondering if there was a way to make the slider be automatically open on certain pages? i’m sure there’s a bit of code that can be tweaked to do this, but it’s not my forte.

    thanks! love your work.

  46. Anjelica Miske says:

    24 Aug, 2011

    But wanna input that you have a very decent web site , I love the pattern it actually stands out.

  47. daniel says:

    17 Sep, 2011

    te felicito, pues tu trabajo es muy bonito e impresionante y se ve limpio..

    • Jeeremie says:

      18 Jun, 2012

      Gracias Daniel. Me alegro que te encata.

  48. Amit says:

    26 Oct, 2011

    i really like your website and more important i like your blog.

  49. samnada says:

    20 Feb, 2012

    Bonjour Jeremie,
    Je viens de visiter ton extra-joli Sliding panel et je suis tombe sur ta page personel. Je travaille en Web Development a l ONU en Palestine, je serais ravi de faire ta connaissance pour echange d experience professionelle.

    • Jeeremie says:

      18 Jun, 2012

      Oui, bien sûr. Pas de problème. Mon compte Skype est jeeremie. Ajoutes-moi et nous pourrons en discuter.

  50. shailesh says:

    26 Jun, 2012

    I reached here looking for jquery sliding login panel ended up seeing your amazing portfolio and articles. All of your designs are very unique, artistic, top quality and inspiring! really liked all of them. Wish I had even a quarter of such talent and imagination. Best wishes for your future design endeavors .

    PS: Your English is top notch!

    • Jeeremie says:

      18 Jul, 2012

      Thanks Shailesh for the kind words!

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