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Version 1.0 is finally coming

By jeeremie

As promised, I finally release Yoghourt V1.0. Nothing really different in this version but it is now valid XHTML & CSS. Enjoy!

Nick reported a problem with the search box. He said there were some yellow blocks surrounding the search box. As I don’t see this problem in my browsers, I can’t fix it by myself. However, I noticed I had made a mistake in the search form and changed it. Maybe it will make the trick. Does someone else had noticed this bug?

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cool~~ thank u:)

Don’t worry about the yellow blocks around the search box!
It was my Google Toolbar that was causing them. The ‘Autofill’ function highlights the whole search form area yellow, which makes it look like there are some strange yellow blocks.

Is it just me or does the site get all messed up in IE6? Fonts are all kinds of out of whack. Anyone else notice this? Any suggestions?

I have tested this site on IE6+, Firefox, Opera and Safari and there was no problem.

Looks great!


Great work. Easy web pages, great color and layouts. Just what I was looking for. Keep it up, you have talent.

Thanks for your encouragements guys.

I am using blogger and their templates but I am planning on moving to WP, so I have been hunting for a template that felt right and just simply screamed ‘ME’. Your templates are awesome, and I am so tempted to download one of them but I was using a 2 column and I really want to switch to a 3. But your templates are making it really hard to stick to that conviction. Great Job…8o)

Testing to see what a blockquote would look like in this lovely template.


How come when I post something it says that it was posted by you “Jeremie” ? And how can I change that? Thanks!

I guess you downloaded an older version from another site. Please, update to the new version.

That worked… Thank you Jeeremie! Great Theme BTW!

Could you tell me what file that was changed in? When I uploaded the new one it messed up the sidebar… I just want to upload the file that the post author was changed in. Thanks.

Better you modify sidebar.php only because there were quite a few changes in this new version. Copy the part of the code you want to keep in your old sidebar.php and paste it to the new one.

But if you really want to keep it as it is, you must replace index.php, single.php, archive.php, page.php and search.php.

Basically, you are looking for this: <p class="author">By <?php the_author() ?> <?php edit_post_link('Edit', ' &#124; ', ' '); ?></p>

Got it… Thanks again!


Beautiful theme, using it for a cooking site i’m busy with.

When i add in some sidebar widgets, they dont line up properly, any idea why?
see here http://foodblog.co.za/site/
(basically its too far left and spills outside the sidebar column

Yes, I did a mistake. It is working now. Download the latest version in the post above or on my website »

Hi Jeremie,

I was trying around with this awesome template when I stumbled on a contact button that was left out of the lay-out. Also the link to contact.php was incorrect, and when I corrected it there were all kinds of errors.
Am I doing something horribly wrong? Are you still developing this? Please let me know, because I’d really like to use this functionality.

Thanks for your time

Could you tell me where this contact button was located?

If you want to add a contact form to WordPress, you should use Contact Form 7

Great template – I searched hundreds of themes and this is my absolute favorite!
One problem thou – I’m having problem with the spacing between the paragraphs.
I copy/paste a well spaced text from microsoft word, but when I save it the entire text changes into one paragraph.
I entered the code section f the posts, addae and manually and it looked ok for a while, but after saving it again it’s presented as one paragraph again.
Did anyone notice that problem? any Ideas?


The code is:


I found it in top.php (commented away, I believe).
There is a contact.php in your theme, so Ifigured that would be used somewhere…

Another question: how can I add the Comment/RSS/Category bar under pages?

WordPress has a tendency to remove extra spaces. There’s nothing much you can do about that unfortunately. Have you tried to copy your text in the HTML editor instead of the visual?


That was a mistake. This file was used for the contact form of the Yoghourt web template, not the WordPress theme one. I didn’t notice it was still in there. Thanks for reporting.

Oops! That code was HTML (stupid me!)
Hope this works…


(in top.php)

Sigh… that didn’t work either.

<a href=”contact.php” name=”Contact”><img src=”images/contact.jpg” alt=”Contact” /> Contact</a>

I’m sorry for messing up your comments…

No, you cannot use it like that. It is not a part of the theme.

I told you, you should better use Contact Form 7. It is a really great plugin to add a form to one or many pages.

Alex rogers also created a WP plugin based on LightForm (a PHP/Ajax contact form I created a while ago). You can view it here »

Thanks Jeeremie! I’ve just installed Contact Form 7.

Any ideas about those Comment/RSS/Category bar under pages?

Hi great template man, I was wondering how to get avatars woring in the comments? Thanks

Check my post How to change default avatar in WordPress 2.5+. It also explains how to add avatars to your blog.

Otherwise, read the WordPress documentation. They explain everything you need to know.

Thanks man , again great template!

Hi, thanks for this template is really amazing, I notice that you change between pages a yellow square surrounds the search button, in my case y was checking your instructions in this page and when pass to the next page this square appears, hopes it helps, thanks

Merci Neiruq for the feedbacks. In which browser did you view this theme? I don’t see it in my browsers (IE, Firefox 2+, Opera, Netscape, Safari).



Very clean theme, which I always like. Everything matches in a way that doesn’t overuse the colour. Very good.

I also love your “Night Temptation’ theme. Classic.


“Night Temptation”?? I did’t think about this name but I like it. Hehe. The name is Night Transition 😉

Thanks for the nice comment.

hehe, but i think this forms a little shabby~~
Only the personal views.


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